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History and Members of T.C.G.


      T.C.G. (Total Computer Gang) was formed by Wixet in september of 1993. He wanted to release his demo (about which he thought, that it's possible to compare it with others that time demos - how foolish... :)) and thought, that his friends will join him...

      Well, so happen. After some days, T.C.G. had three members. Increased Zero (cracker, coder) and Thorout (graphician). With this line-up was planned many interesting things, but laziness of all three caused, that nothing was done till year 1995. In this year Wixet bought Amiga 1200, Zero sold his speccies and bought 384DX (:)) and Thorout passed to PC (not sold his Didaktik M+D40). After half a year Wixet and Thorout started little to miss. So, at the end of year 1995, new year 1996 wish was made. In this wish was given promise, for creating some new demo or game. But Thorout passed on PC totally, so as you can imagine, nothing was created again... :)

      Return to Speccy was done, when Wixet to decide by something to give back to aged Speccy, IT, what Speccy did for him in his youth (beautiful lived through childhood :)). So in june 2000 internet web page called 128 Museum was made. In december the same year, after deal with Muf, 128 Museum was transformed into In august 2001, Wixet to acquaint with many persons on Kaplicon 2001. From this, cooperation with man called Asrub was made. Immediately works on conversion of Amiga demo State Of The Art was started. After watching movie Shrek was Asrub immediately renamed by Wixet on Shrek (who knows Shrek, know why... :) ).

      From not-specified family reasons of Wixet, works on State Of The Art was stopped for some time. Shrek employed free time and started to finish file manager MB Commander, which was waiting for finish for a two years at home of person called Tritol. Between, in really little free whiles, Wixet translated to english game Podraz 3, with help of english man, Bobble. After that he designed and made these WWW pages. After visiting Zlincon 2002 a new member was joined into T.C.G.. This time, it's z00m (musician) from Slovakia.


      At start of december 2002, Shrek deicided to leave T.C.G. and devote time only to MBCommander. By this T.C.G. loses capable coder... :( Speedily we got a new member Cornholio, but he is "only" something like moral support...  So in 2003 we translated in cooperation with Sweet Factory of CI5, russian game Abe's Mission-Escape into Czech and English languages. Response was unexpectedly enormous. End of year finnished fix of Abe and 128k fix of russian game translated into English by Dmytro Gryshchenko - Dizzy X-Journey To Russia.


      Now is 2004... Let we will see, what it will bring...




Members of T.C.G.

ZX Profession: still not known
Name: Jiří Lang
Age: 24
Hobbies: Speccy, Music, Movies
Favourite music artists: all genres of Techno & Rap... Michael Jackson
Unfavourite music artists/style: Iron Maiden, Metallica (old), Sepultura (old), Pantera
Favourite literature: Harlekyn-style braks
Most-hated literature: Assembler and ZX Spectrum part 1 & 2, fantasy...
Favourite movies/actors: Titanic, all soap-operas, Nova TV News...
Most-hated movies/serials: Shrek, all parts of Indiana Jones... Bruce Willis

ZX Profession: bad coder and really bad artist
Name: Bohumil Pešek
Age: 28
Hobbies: books, coding, photos, art, music, sleeping
Favourite music artists: NIN, Tool, Prodigy, Vypsaná fixa, Peshata
Unfavourite music artists/style: Michal David, Helena Vondráčková and other commercial crap
Favourite literature: Tolkien, Vonnegut, Morgenstern, A.Christie
Most-hated literature: i just don't read bad books
Favourite movies/actors: Akira, Princess Mononoke, movies by Coen's, Tim Burton, Kurosawa, Jarmush, Gilliam; Shrek, Ice Age and movies with Oldřich Nový
Most-hated movies/serials: Blade 2, new French movies produced by Besson, soap operas

ZX Profession: Cracker, Coder, Idea-maker, webmaster
Name: Jan Werner
Age: 28
Hobbies: Music, Movies, Traveling, Literature, Computers
Favourite music artists: Blind Guardian, Death, Samael... J.M.Jarre
Unfavourite music artists/style: all genres of Techno & Rap, nu-metal (addidas metal)...
Favourite literature: The Sphere, old sci-fi stories, A.C.Clark, I.Asimov, B.W.Aldiss, J.R.R.Tolkien...
Most-hated literature: Harlekyn-style braks
Favourite movies/actors: Aliens, The Abyss (Director's Cut), The Matrix, Scream, Finding Nemo, The Lord Of The Rings, Shrek, Dirty Rotten Scoulderels, Terminator 1 & 2... Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Harrison Ford
Most-hated movies/serials: Independence Day, The Sect, Hellraiser-Inferno, all soap-operas, teleshoppings, american "action" documents...

ZX Profession: mainly musician, sometimes gfx or cracking...
Name: Branislav Bekeš
Age: 27
Hobbies: Speccy, Books, Movies, Music
Favourite music artists: Pink Floyd, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Bluesweiser, U2, Cypress Hill...
Unfavourite music artists/style: Lighthouse Family (buaaaa) and commercical shits like B3, Atomic Kitten and so on.
Favourite literature: King, Tolkien, Hailey...
Most-hated literature: shits like Danielle Steel
Favourite movies/actors: Pulp Fiction, 4 Rooms, L.A. Confidential, Donnie Brasco, Matrix, Jackie Brown, I. Jones, In The Name Of The Rose, The Abyss, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Jodie Foster, Sharon Stone...
Most-hated movies/serials: all soap-operas, Long kiss for good night, Titanic...