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Wixet, Muf

Czech Speccy portal, which gladly wants to bring together pages about the ZX Spectrum in one place, where anyone can find them. Of course, there is downloads with many games, demos, music, etc... Simply FOREVER :)
(Comment by Wixet: This description was written by Shrek - so it's not self-praise... :))) )
Language: english

z00m's Speccy cornerAuthor:
z00m of T.C.G.

This is homepage of our great musician z00ma. On these pages you will find all his songs and also other creations, which haven't nothing to do with T.C.G. Visit !!! :)
Language: english


Homepage of man from the UK, who helped with translation of Podraz 3 - The Stig, into English... His page's are dedicated to bringing some great previously unavailable original games and programs to his Site, with the young foremost.
Language: english

Hood's HomepageAuthor:

Page dedicated to disc interface MB-02. Here you will find information about connecting SID (genial sound-chip, which is in C64) to the Speccy and connecting HDD to Speccy. You also can find Hood's own software NMI Menu (for MB-02), DTP2HTML (with co-operation from Sweet Factory) etc...
Language: czech

Speccy WebAuthor:
Shrek, Logout

This is the original page by our crazy coder Shrek... :) After origin of T.C.G. pages, it was Shrek's leverage restricted on these pages, so actually they are now leaded by Logout. If Logout will be part of T.C.G. in time, these pages will perish...
Language: czech

Busy's HomepageAuthor:

Homepage of BS-DOS creator (OS of disc interface MB-02)! Otherwise these pages will deal with anything (poet creation, family, etc.)... :)
Language: slovak (simliar to czech)

CI5 HomepageAuthor:
Sweet Factory

Homepage of one of the lastest active czech group.
Homepage of program Tools 128 (D40/80). Mainly dedicated to D40/80.
Language: czech

MTs's HomepageAuthor:

Homepage of creator of File Commander and many other utilities and programs (example: DOM (Disk Operation Manager) for Desktop (co-operation with Sweet Factory).
Language: czech